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Dear Customer: Whether you race professionally or are just a Sunday cruiser, every type of protective headgear imaginable can have VooDoo custom paint applied on it. Starting from Go Carts, Indy Lights, CART, Formula 3, F-1, Stock Cars, 1/4 mile Drag cars, 1/4 mile Drag bikes, Pleasure Motorcycles, Moto-cross, Dirt Track, Off-shore boat racing, Skidoos, Jetskis, Parachute, Hang-gliding, even Professional Downhill Ski and Snowboard helmets.

All the Helmets we embellish with our "ONE OF A KIND" or "STOCK" paint jobs are double clear coated for an extreme "HIGH GLOSS" finish and will have no ridges from the Airbrushed graphics. VooDoo also stays on top of all the latest paint technology, innovations and specialty colours, ask us what's new in paint!

We can execute simple 2 colour designs and logos right on up to outrageously detailed artwork. The only limit is your own imagination as to what we can professionally airbrush on your protective headgear to spruce up your noggin's lid.

CUSTOM DESIGNS: Our "ONE OF A KIND" paint jobs start at $450.00 CAD and go up in price depending on the time involved. This price is for the paint job only and does not include the cost of the helmet itself. Some of these "ONE OF A KIND" paint jobs are quite detailed and require many hours to complete. We hope you respect this fact and see the technical ability and quality of our Artist's workmanship reflected in our paint jobs. You may receive a lower quote from another company but will the delivery time, quality and especially the detail of the Artwork be the same?

If you are an "eclectic" individual who wants to stand out in a crowd by having your own unique design created, simply download our order form from the net or send us your fax number and we'll fax you the appropriate order form. Just fill out all the information and create your own line drawing and written description and fax it to us at (905)-686-1953 for your free quotation on your "ONE OF A KIND" custom paint job. If you are not sure of a design for your helmet, just surf through our helmet and goalie mask pages and you may be inspired by one of our previous customers designs. Once we have agreed to a price for your design, ship us your helmet and please include full payment.

Create your own design using our Order Forms on the left. Forward your idea for a FREE quotation, no obligations. Remember; we have a quick turn around time (2-3 weeks + delivery times) and we ship back worldwide, regardless of location.

"Custom Designs" can be viewed at;

SKETCH FEE: $125.00 CAD Unsure of a design?, we can also help you to develop your idea for your helmet by faxing some sketches to you. The price includes 3 detailed drawings working from your verbal and or written description. This fee must be paid in full before any sketches are started and or faxed back for your viewing.

STRIPPING CHARGE: $75.00 CAD Does your helmet have an existing factory or a previous custom paint job and or factory decals? If so we can remove all existing paint and or decal finishes, prep, prime and apply the base colour prior to the new design being started. This price includes bringing your helmet up to the design application stage.

STOCK DESIGNS: We offer 20 "STOCK" designs priced at $395.00 CAD, If the Custom Designs and their prices are out of your budget and you already have a helmet and are just inquiring about a more basic paint job, may I suggest one of our "STOCK" paint jobs, (these prices are for the paint job only and does not include the cost of the helmet itself). The colour schemes on these designs can be changed to match your leathers or Motorcycles colours at no additional charge. These designs can be altered from goalie masks to fit any shaped helmet.

"Stock Designs" can be viewed at;

TO ORDER: A paint job, a new helmet or sketches, simply go to our order form page located here;

"Order Forms" can be viewed at;

Print out the appropriate order form, fill it out, (the signature at the bottom of the order form in the waiver must be the credit card holder's signature), and fax it in to 905-686-1953 for your free quotation.


SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow these instructions carefully when packing and filling out the necessary paperwork to ship either your Motorcycle helmet or Motorcycle parts to VooDoo Airbrushing.

1) Commercial Invoice: When you fill out your commercial invoice and in the section where it asks you the reason for export, (this "Motorcyle Helmet and or Motorcycle Part" (whatever your item is)", will be returning to the USA after being custom painted in Canada), this will save you from the US and your State Government from charging you any sales taxes when your item returns from Canada. After you are done, make three copies then sign and date them in "blue" ink. If you sign in "black" ink it may be delayed at Customs.

It is very important to display these two numbers below prominently on the exterior of the box you ship your item in, also include these numbers on UPS's waybill, (or what ever company you use), and on the commercial invoice. Just put "Motorcyle Helmet and or Motorcycle Part", (whatever your item is)" in the spot where it asks what the description is and the value of your item, (please make sure you pack your item well and in the smallest box possible, to save yourself money).

2) This E.O.P.S., (Exporter Of Processing Services) & Duty Deferral number:
87 - 016T0476

This number waives all Duties and GST due on any shipments being sent to VooDoo Airbrushing's address from anywhere in the world and will expedite your shipment through Canada Customs quickly. Please display this number large, bold and prominently on the exterior of the box you send your mask in and on any and all paperwork which accompanies the mask's shipment, especially your copies of the Commercial Invoice.

VOODOO AIRBRUSHING has been approved for any and all GST, (Goods & Service Tax), and any and all Customs Duties being totally waived on all shipments sent to the address below, by C.C.R.A, (Canada Customs & Revenue Agency).

3) N.A.F.T.A. Harmonized Code Number for your item:

This number is the number assigned to Motorcycle Helmets and Motorcyle Parts by the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both the Canadian and US Customs Offices and all the brokerage houses recognize this number immediately and it identifies your item as being, (duty and tax free), for the to & from shipping.


VOODOO AIRBRUSHING 717 Finley Ave., # 9 & 10, Ajax, Ontario, Canada L1S 3T1

5) Shipping Companies: Remember shipping ground is the least expensive, but takes longer. It is your discretion as to whether you insure your item for full replacement value, the replacement value will not affect the shipping costs, (you will have to pay a slight premium for the insurance, usually a $1.00 charge per $100.00 of coverage and the first $100.00 coverage is free with most couriers) but it will reflect in a higher brokerage fee to clear your item through customs. (VooDoo uses this company as our broker)

6) Confirmation: Please send us a quick e-mail with the waybill number of your shipment and when your item was shipped.

NAMES: $25.00 CAD And includes your name/nickname added on the back of the helmet or anywhere else you want it placed on your helmet. It also includes any font style and any style of lettering, from graphic 2 colour to an Airbrushed 3 - D look. To see examples of names and nicknames from previous customer's helmets cruise through the "MOTORCYCLE HELMETS" web pages.

NUMBERS: $15.00 CAD And includes your number added on the backplate or chin or anywhere else on your mask. It also includes any font style and any style of lettering, from graphic 2 colour to an Airbrushed 3 - D look. To see examples of numbers from previous customer's helmets cruise through the "MOTORCYCLE HELMETS" web pages.

NEW HELMETS: If you need to purchase a new helmet, we will quote you on the purchase of any manufacturers helmet model. If our price is right, simply print out our order form, fill it out and fax it in to 905-686-1953, (make sure you specify your size!).