VOODOO AIRBRUSHING has been Itechs official "Stock" and "Custom" paint company for over two years and have been involved from the start with the debut and launch of their hot 2000 series mask and its paint program. VOO DOO AIRBRUSHING will continue to deliver excellent and professional service along with the absolute highest quality, outrageously detailed Factory Warrentied (CSA and HECC approved), paint jobs at affordable prices, to Itech's long and valued customers.

There are well over 160 "Custom" painted goalie masks within these pages and you will need some time to view all of them. Most of these designs have been created by VOODOO AIRBRUSHING and our Artists, however some of these designs are replicas of other talented Airbrush Artists, some are designs that our customers have created entirely themselves or requested copied from other Art sources and some designs are hybrids of input between VOODOO AIRBRUSHING and our customers, they are labeled and noted as such. Come back frequently as these pages will grow week by week, enjoy!.